viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

The Ultimate Question 2.0 - Forbes

The Ultimate Question 2.0 - Forbes:

"Remarkable companies – the ones that consistently earn enthusiastic recommendations from customers and employees – treat customers with dignity and respect. They go beyond mere satisfaction – which is earned by delivering products that meet basic customer needs in line with the promises you make and the expectations your customers have. Loyalty leaders exceed the expectations of their customers by delivering the ordinary products and services in extraordinary ways or by delivering unique products or services that competitors just don’t match. Sometimes they do both. American Express, for example, not only supports its card members with extraordinary telephone service, but also offers card products like the Centurion card that competitors can’t quite match. JetBlue not only puts satellite television sets on all its seatbacks, but also encourages its crew to seek creative ways to wow passengers."

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